The Bass Master

The Bass Master

Thank You for visiting this page and feel welcome to have a listen to my latest CD. I hope that you will enjoy it. This is basically a solo effort but i have two very special guest with Morris Dow playing harmonica on ‘Robin, and Charles Etzel playing piano on ‘Ellerbe. I thank them both. All other piano, bass ,guitar, midi sax and flute by Kenny Wright. Drums via Groove Agent 4 SE edited by Kenny. All songs written by Kenny Wright except ‘My Favorite Things by Sayre, Rodgers and Hammerstein.

1.Solo Flight  3:55


2. Robin  3:48


3. Mars Landing  4:56


4. Ellerbe  6:22


5. The Bass Master  4:33


6. Flamenco Bass  8:18


7. My Favorite Things  4:18


8. Star Spangled Bass  3:31





Thank You






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